Case study: InGain and CREDIT ONE AG create a custom lending solution for the Swiss market

inGain team
December 1, 2022
5 minute read

The InGain loan management system enabled Credit One (CREDIT ONE AG) to launch a private loan product across all regions of Switzerland. Credit One is a fast and flexible fintech service that has been operating in the market since 2020. It has many advantages over traditional banking lending options.

“The Swiss lending market is being disrupted by new technologies. The traditional banking model is being gradually eroded by new technology-based companies, such as ourselves. And consumer behaviour shows the trend will keep going in that direction,” says Credit One Founder and CEO, Enzo Serratore.


Credit One needed a reliable, experienced fintech partner to automate their loan management processes. The Swiss market has specific requirements that differ from other European Union countries. A main challenge was creating the obligatory physical payslips. InGain needed to work with Credit One to create a quick, flexible system that was able to cater to this specification. Credit One was also looking for a partner to deliver any additional growth plans they may have in the future.

Currently, Credit One manages a runoff portfolio on behalf of a third party. An automated system aids in streamlining all of the digital processes associated with loan management, but the company also needed a solution for the physical payslips. The InGain software not only includes all the latest loan management features, but it also provides for custom development opportunities. This was incredibly important for our company to be able to comply with national regulations.


New technology has an outsized impact on the lending industry, allowing it to change quickly by providing new products and increased competition. InGain has a loan management system that’s flexible enough to adapt to Credit One’s business and  regulatory requirements, while accommodating future business growth. The fully customisable solution also provides all of the functionality Credit One would need in the future. This enables the company to adapt and evolve to meet changing business needs.

The existing core InGain loan management system supported around 99% of Credit One’s needs out of the box. With support from InGain, Credit One was able to adapt the solution to manage the runoff portfolio with some additional features. InGain structured and managed the entire customer service process and provided Credit One with regular consultations on how the existing core framework and systems could be adapted to meet their business needs.


Credit One was able to migrate the runoff portfolio with support from InGain in a very short period of time. Using the company’s loan management solution, they were able to fully automate both the digital management processes, and connect these with the physical payslips. “Having these processes synced and automated saves us time and money, so our team can work very efficiently,” said Serratore.

He added: “Our team had great cooperation with InGain. Our business has to be flexible, and we’re glad we can make use of custom development opportunities to make the solution fit our business needs. It was a pleasure to work with a competent team that has deep industry experience with financial products.”

Since migrating the portfolio in May of 2020, Credit One was able to proceed with managing the runoff portfolio by meeting all regulatory requirements. Initially the portfolio had an outstanding balance of CHF 16.3M.


About InGain

For over 10 years InGain has been supporting the consumer finance industry, fintech companies, and banks with an out-of-the box, yet fully customisable loan management system. On top of the core system, the company also delivers system integration services and custom feature development. InGain has executed hundreds of projects with more than 50 global clients across a variety of sectors.

The loan management system caters to both secured and unsecured business and retail loans, including instalment loans, auto leasing, mortgages, line of credit, buy-now-pay-later, payday loans, invoice factoring and more.


CREDIT ONE is a fintech enterprise for the Swiss private loan credit market. Experienced credit experts provide assistance to clients. The company’s focus is on the creation of added value across the entire value chain.

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