Unleash your consumer lending potential

Streamline end-to-end lending operations with inGain's no-code SaaS loan management system.


Automation of customer & loan lifecycle management.


Reduction in technology and operations maintenance costs.

<5 min

To process loan application and disburse a loan.

<5 weeks

To launch operations in new markets and test new products.

Streamline business operations and eliminate inefficiencies

Experience faster application processing, streamlined workflows for your lending operations and reduced operating expenses with inGain's powerful system. Our no-code loan management platform empowers you to provide efficient and seamless financial services to your customers.

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inGain SaaS Loan Management System is a leader in Loan Origination on G2

Serve traditional loan products

or develop customer-centric, niche lending products

Consumer loans

Provide unsecured loans for any customer’s consumption needs. Match your customer’s ability to repay the loan by offering custom instalment loan repayment schedules.

Lines of credit and credit cards

Revolving credit line is among the most popular consumer finance products. Setup interest free period, minimum repayment, cash-back loyalty program. Withdraw money via transfer, plastic or virtual card.

Auto loans and leasing

Fulfil customer’s dream of owning a car, motorbike, yacht or any other vehicle. Track and manage multiple collaterals including valuation, insurance, technical inspections, asset ownership transfer and related taxes.

Point of sales & BNPL

Embed financial services in customer’s shopping experience both online in e-commerce checkout and at a merchant’s physical shop. Share a revenue income with a merchant or earn an interest from a borrower.


Support a purchase, renovation or construction of a property. Disburse a mortgage in tranches, provide principal free period. Manage collateral valuation, insurance and property commissioning.

Home improvement loans

Finance home renovation, solar panel installation or backyard improvements with a tailored loan disbursement schedule and flexible repayment terms to minimize the financial pressure on a household.

Asset based loans

Serve customer capital requirements, by providing home equity loans or reverse leasing of a movable asset. Setup a fixed payment schedule or manage an open credit line.

Student loans

Support a formal university degree education or online influencer courses. Account for study term and specifics while setting up payment schedule, manage warrantors including governmental programs.

Payday loans

Serve small ticket, single payment short term loans. Offer payment date extension and loan restructuring in a completely automated manner.

Loan refinancing

Aggregate several customer’s liabilities into a single loan with a custom payment schedule that matches customer’s affordability.

Insurance on top

Cooperate with insurance companies to protect your customers from bad debts in case of sickness or job loss.

Any unique financial model

Build niche finance products e.g. car subscription service, property rent-to-own acquisition model, with our customizable product setup engine.

Launch and scale without a hassle of technology management

Application processing

Acquire leads from affiliates and brokers, generate organic traffic. Set hard knock-out rules, connect to third party data vendors, run scoring and prepare risk adjusted loan offer. Capitalize on rejected leads.

Loan origination and servicing

Sign loan agreement and disburse the money via payment gateways. Reconcile incoming payments and perform daily loan recalculations for interest, fees and late penalties.

Debt collection

Track non-performing loan portfolio, automate communication regarding the payments, track promises to pay, offer customers flexible payment schedules or complete loan restructuring.

Collateral management

Register collateral associated to a loan. Manage valuation, insurance and sale of an asset.

Single platform

A single, end-to-end platform eliminates the need to integrate and manage separate third party systems for CRM, underwriting, loan servicing, payments, communications and debt collection.

Design new products

Product engine allows setting up new products easily. Customize instalment, credit line and bullet loan calculation methods to match your unique business model.

Risk adjusted offerings

Leverage scoring and decision engine to tailor your loan offer based on customer’s affordability, risk profile and loyalty.

Loyalty and campaigns

Design loyalty and marketing campaigns. First 60 days interest-free, Xmas season's stockpiling discount - it’s easy to configure using our loan management system.

Communication orchestration

Streamline communication with your customers. Draft templates and setup triggers for automated omni-channel interaction.

Leverage fintech ecosystem

Choose from a list of our existing third party vendors or add new ones for customer acquisition, KYC & AML, data enrichment and payment gateways.

Enhanced debt collection

Streamline communication and provide convenient payment options. Track promises-to-pay and offer customers a self service desk to restructure debt. Cooperate with debt collection agencies.

Collateral management

Manage different types collateral for secured loans including vehicles, property, equipment and warrantors. Manage valuation, insurance and asset management related operations.

Analytics and reporting

You own the data. Use our readily available statistics dashboard or connect your own BI tools for meaningful insights about your business in real time.

Quick start of cooperation

Start from scratch, integrate within existing infrastructure or migrate from another loan management system, our team of experts will make sure your onboarding is quick and smooth.

Ready from shelf, yet customizable

inGain’s SaaS loan management system is highly configurable, yet we offer IT customization services to meet your specific requirements.

Client Stories

Hear from our satisfied clients

We required a reliable and scalable IT system to support our product and Jordanian market specifics. inGain was able to quickly adapt their system to our needs, which meant that we could focus on marketing and sales.

Matiss Ansviesulis

Co-Founder of Money.jo, CreamFinance Group and Esketit

Our goal is to scale the business by leveraging technology and automation instead of continuously growing headcount. We configured inGain's loan management system to reach our objective.

Santa Lemsa

Founder of Simpleros,
ex- 4Finance & Robocash

inGain has been our trusted partner for over 8 years now. We are very pleased with their service and technology being flexible and adaptive to our fast-paced industry and ever changing business requirements.

Jekaterina Stukalina

Founder of Orange finance

Auto rental has specific requirements that don’t apply to other industries in the market. We needed an experienced partner in the fintech industry to bring us the tailor-made software solution that could help us streamline our business.

Miroslav Kološevski

Founder of Current auto

Over 60 companies used inGain to launch fintech products quickly:


Find answers to the most common questions:

Which industries use inGain's loan management system (LMS)?

Any industry that requires customer onboarding, loan origination and servicing, debt collection and various automated flows. We serve both consumer and business, secured and unsecured fintech products based on various loan calculation methods including instalment loans, line of credit and bullet loans.

Can inGain's LMS be adapted to individual business needs?

Yes. The system is an off-the-shelf solution, but can also be configured for specific business requirements using no-code interface and further customised leveraging IT custom development services.

Can I use inGain's LMS to launch my product in a new market?

Yes. Our fast, lightweight LMS is particularly well suited for testing new products and markets. It provides an end-to-end solution or may partially leverage your existing infrastructure (e.g. customer acquisition channels, decision engine, data connector).

Does inGain's LMS work out of the box?

Yes. The system is ready to facilitate an end-to-end loan management process according to your business requirements. It enables fully automated processes, as well as, manual intervention where needed.

Can I manage the communications module without an IT team?

Yes. Our no-code solution enables you to edit messaging templates, create triggers for automated notifications and reminders, as well as, set up various communications campaigns.

Can I manage credit scoring without an IT team?

Yes. Our decision engine allows users with respective permission to edit or change decision rules and cut-off points without IT involvement.

Does inGain's LMS provide for payment processing?

Yes. Payment processing is ensured via an API integration with a payment services provider of your choice.

What deployment types of inGain's LMS are available?

Our SaaS loan management system is deployed on a dedicated server infrastructure in a public cloud. To follow local personal data processing requirements, we may deploy in your country of origin.

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