Case study: Current Auto uses InGain loan management system to automate auto rental

inGain team
June 22, 2023
5 minute read

InGain worked with Current Auto to adapt the loan management system (LMS) to cater specifically to the auto rental industry. Automating the processes involved with leasing allows the company to acquire and process new customers more quickly and efficiently. Current Auto launched their updated solution in Latvia and Lithuania in March of 2022.

“Auto rental has specific requirements that don’t apply to other industries in the market. We needed an experienced partner in the fintech industry to bring us the tailor-made software solution that could help us streamline our business,” says Current Auto Board Chair Miroslav Kološevski.


Current Auto lacked the necessary in-house IT infrastructure and needed a reliable, experienced fintech partner to incorporate individual vehicle usage into their rental management processes. The new product needed to incorporate the rental status of each vehicle within the LMS solution. As this feature is specific to the auto rental industry, this meant the project consisted of creating a whole additional module. Current Auto needed a partner to fulfil their growth plans and deliver any additional IT solutions they might require in the future.

Current Auto‘s business model is such that the company has to process/work and manage hundreds of vehicles a month, meaning manual processes were impractical and created unnecessary costs. An automated system would aid in streamlining both the rental management and vehicle management processes. The InGain software not only includes all the latest features, but it also provides the crucial service of custom development opportunities. This empowered Current Auto to adapt the solution to their business, instead of the other way around.


InGain has a flexible core system that can be adapted with additional development to accommodate the auto rental market. The development team created a custom rental management module that could provide all the functionality Current would need to deal with individual vehicles, along with the ability to adapt to meet evolving business needs.

The existing core InGain LMS supported around 95% of Current’s needs, meaning the solution could be quickly adapted with minimal costs involved. With IT house support, Current Auto launched their new vehicle rental product in both Latvia and Lithuania. InGain structured and managed the entire onboarding process and provided Current Auto with regular consultations on how the existing core framework and systems could be adapted to meet their business needs.


Current Auto launched their updated rental product in two national markets in less than two months with support from InGain. They used the company’s loan management software to fully automate their data migration and create a bespoke auto rental module.

“Working with InGain was a great experience for our team. Their flexibility and competence in financial products allowed us to create the ideal tech solution that would cater to our business needs,” said Kološevski.

Since launching in 2022, Current Auto has quickly become one of the leading auto rental providers in Baltics.


About InGain

For over 10 years InGain has been supporting the consumer finance industry, fintech companies, and banks with an out-of-the box, yet fully customisable loan management system. On top of the core system, the company also delivers system integration services and custom feature development. InGain has executed hundreds of projects with more than 50 global clients across a variety of sectors.

The loan management system caters to both secured and unsecured business and retail loans, including instalment loans, auto leasing, mortgages, line of credit, buy-now-pay-later, payday loans, invoice factoring and more.

About Current

Current is an auto rental and sales company that operates in Latvia and Lithuania. Customers can complete the whole process of finding a car, receiving a rental offer and registering their vehicle online within one day. The company works with 25 auto dealers in Latvia to offer the best selection to their customers.

The team has many years of experience in the auto market, ensuring that customers receive an exclusive lease offer and a high-quality vehicle at an attractive price. Current’s extensive partner list enables customers to choose a vehicle that meets all of the most important criteria: quality, price, comfort, safety. Leased vehicles can be exchanged for a new one, or purchased on favourable terms.

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